Heart of the Mittelhaardt

The village of Wachenheim (pronounced “VAHK-en-hime”) lies at the center of the esteemed Mittelhaardt area of the Pfalz, which historically has been the source of the region’s finest wines. Here, the well-drained, weathered sandstone soils produce pure, fruit-driven wines with a distinctive stony character.

The Villa Wolf Wachenheimer comes from a single-vineyard site, called Königswingert (“King’s Vineyard”), but is labeled only with the village name. This excellent site lies just to the north of the village and is rated as an Erste Lage (premier cru) vineyard.

map wachenheim

Detail from a reconstruction of the 1828 Bavarian government’s vineyard classification map of the Mittelhaardt area of the Pfalz wine region. The finest vineyards (grand cru) are colored orange, very good vineyards (premier cru) are yellow, and good vineyards (villages) are pale yellow.



soil wachenheim

The light, sandy loam soil of the village-quality vineyards in Wachenheim produces bright, fruit-forward wine.