The Black Stone of Forst

Forster Pechstein (PESH-stine) is one of the greatest vineyard sites in the Pfalz. It lies on the gentle, east-facing slope that extends from behind the village of Forst up toward the Haardt Mountains. The name (literally, “tar stone”) refers to the black basalt stones in the soil, which give the wines a strong mineral backbone. Of all the vineyards at Villa Wolf, Pechstein produces the most assertive, mineral-driven Rieslings.

map forster pechstein

Detail from a reconstruction of the 1828 Bavarian government’s vineyard classification map of the Mittelhaardt area of the Pfalz wine region. The finest vineyards (grand cru) are colored orange, very good vineyards (premier cru) are yellow, and good vineyards (villages) are pale yellow.



soil forster pechstein

Black basalt stones add a racy minerality to the sandy loam soil of Pechstein.