Varietal Wines

Villa Wolf Pinot Blanc

Villa Wolf Pinot Blanc is fermented and aged in stainless steel. As for all our dry wines, only healthy, ripe grape material, without botrytis, is used. Thus we obtain a fresh, clear Pinot Blanc with typical minerality of the region. Pale yellow in the glass with greenish reflections, this wine impresses on the palate with ripe aromatics, riesling-like brilliance and finesse.

Villa Wolf Pinot Gris

Villa Wolf Pinot Gris - a classic Burgundy from our Villa Wolf estate. Well balanced, with a beautiful bouquet and the typical minerality of the Pfalz. It was precisely here, in the Palatinate, that Pinot Gris was recognized as a grape variety in the 19th century and first vinified independently. An elegant and finessed wine with all its complexity.

Villa Wolf Riesling dry

A classic Zech-wine with fine fruit and balance. Perfect with hearty Pfalz cuisine, but also a pleasure on its own. Riesling is a very aromatic, fruity grape that is produced in an enormous range of styles. The ability to express the origin and soil in which the plants grow has made this grape variety one of the most popular in Germany for centuries. Riesling wines are able to age for decades and then still offer an amazing taste experience.

Villa Wolf Gewürztraminer

Gewürztraminer is an aromatic variety that produces very distinctive wines. Villa Wolf Gewürztraminer is clear, fruity and wonderfully light. It shows the aromatic charm of the grape with a delicious juicy texture and a delicate aroma of spices, exotic fruits and fresh roses. To maintain a lively balance in the wine, the fruit is harvested when it is perfectly ripe but not overripe.

Villa Wolf Pinot Noir

A fine Pinot Noir full of character, characterized by the mild climate and the warm mineral soils of the Pfalz. A long aging, partly in small oak barrels, gives it the typical Burgundian elegance and silkiness. Paired with a wonderful fruit aroma, it becomes a smooth food companion.

Villa Wolf Pinot Noir Rosé

With beguiling fruit aromas, delicate and light at the same time, this is the ideal summer wine. The grapes grown on sandstone soils produce a perfectly balanced wine, with the necessary concentration and fruity acidity.