2. Große Lage

Our wines from the vineyards Wachenheimer Belz, which is in our sole possession, and Wachenheimer Goldbächel are among the most exciting sites of the Mittelhardt. While the Wachenheimer Belz site is characterized in particular by its beguiling fruitiness, substance and delicate flint aroma due to the red sandstone with limestone deposits. The wines from the Wachenenheimer Goldbächel vineyard are primarily fruit-driven and mineral.

Wachenheimer Belz

Villa Wolf Monopole Vineyard

The vines in the famous vineyards around Wachenheim grow on red sandstone. This soil provides the beguiling fruitiness and substance of our Rieslings from the top Wachenheim sites. In Belz, our sole property, the red sandstone is interspersed with limestone deposits, which give the wine a delicate flinty aroma.

Wachenheimer Goldbächel

The Goldbächel belongs to one of the most exposed sites in Wachenheim. It is characterized by sandstone-like soils, interspersed with fine riverbed rock. The Rieslings from Goldbächel are always very fruity and mineral driven. In good years, the site produces great wines on par with the Deidesheim and Forst vineyards. The name Wachenheimer Goldbächel first appeared in 1837. Until then, the site was simply called "Bächel". The discovery of fool's gold or finds of real gold coins may then have caused the name to be extended.