In 1996, Ernst Loosen took over the J.L. Wolf winery in the Pfalz region, which has been rich in tradition since 1756. Villa Wolf is a country villa in the Italian style, unique in its design, which was completed in 1843 according to plans by the Karlsruhe architect Friedrich Eisenlohr.

Similar to the Dr. Loosen winery, Ernst Loosen seized the opportunity to rebuild another traditional winery with prime sites. For here he saw the opportunity to produce first-class dry wines in the Pfalz to complement the fruity Rieslings of the Dr. Loosen winery on the Mosel. Due to the protection of the Haardt Mountains and the Wasgau Mountains, the Pfalz has a very mild and warm climate, which is ideal for the development and ripening of the grapes. This is because dry wines rich in extract can only be produced from very ripe grapes.