Vineyards / Harvest

Since 2014, we have been cultivating our estate vineyards without artificial fertilizers, without herbicides or pesticides and exclusively by hand. For our site wines we use only healthy grape material, hand-picked -selected, and gently processed.

Climate / Terroir

The unique regional climate of the Middle Haardt, the mineral-rich soils of limestone, basalt and sandstone, and the great age of the vines are the building blocks for the terroir of our vineyards. Their importance for the production of outstanding wines was recognized a long time ago: In 1828, the Royal Bavarian Government established a vineyard classification based on land tax, which is similar to the Grand Cru system in Burgundy, where Villa Wolf's vineyards can be found.

Vineyard Classifications

Within the estate, we consciously fall back on the culturally and historically proven classification of the Royal Bavarian Government of 1828. In order to emphasize the importance of the vineyards and soils, only one dry wine per vineyard is vinified. Here we try to emphasize the site potential in the best possible way with the greatest possible ripeness. Also in the naming we have decided to follow the Burgundian system. Therefore, on the front label you will find only the producer, the vintage, the vineyard location and the grape variety. All the legal information can be found on the back label. Top sites, old vines and the associated low yields are the basis for the expressive and terroir-driven wines of the Villa Wolf winery. Especially the wines of the "Große Lage" always need about 1-2 years after bottling to show their full potential.


In the cellar, we work with old oak barrels for our single-vineyard wines and allow our great Rieslings long aging on the full lees. For many years now, we have also been working with acacia wood barrels, which give the wines a special, fine polish.