Under the term "Phamilia" unites our series of wines, all characterized by different wood barrel influence. This wine sets Phaia a monument to that mythical "Crommyonian sow" once slain by the hero Theseus. A wild, dark red cuvée.

This collection is about wood - new, old, big, small, acacia, oak, french, American or German... Phaia (colloquially "The Dirty Pig") is aged in French, Hungarian and American oak, barrique and demi-muid. Philia has its noble structure from the acacia (500 l).


Villa Wolf Phaia

Phaia (also called "The Dirty Pig") is a dark red wine cuvée made from Cabernet Sauvignon and regional grape varieties such as Dornfelder or Cabernet Dorsa. Phaia is aged in barrique and demi-muid barrels made of French, Hungarian and American oak.


Villa Wolf Philia

Philia is 100% Pfalz Sauvignon Blanc. It gets its fine polish from partial aging in 500 litre acacia barrels.