Patrick Moellendorf and Sumi Gebauer

Patrick Moellendorf and Sumi Gebauer

Since 2011, the estate has been managed by a talented and dedicated young team that previously worked at Dr. Loosen. Sumi Gebauer and Patrick Möllen­dorf have brought renewed energy and focus to the viticulture and winemaking at Villa Wolf. The property remains under the guidance of Ernst Loosen, but as a result of their dedication, organizational and winemaking skills, Ernst has turned over the everyday responsibilities to Patrick and Sumi. They are free to direct and implement the entire winemaking process, from the work in the vineyards to all of the cellar work and bottling the final product.

Their hands-on approach allows them to pinpoint the right time to harvest and make key decisions on the methods and techniques used for handling the variety of fruit that enters the winery. This includes the crushing and pressing of grapes, settling of juice, and determining the appropriate vessel for the must, such as wooden barrels or steel tanks. Together they watch over the fermentation and maturation process until the wines are ready for bottling. The trust that Ernst has placed in both of them is a testament to their winemaking prowess, but the care they give to the wines and the resulting end-product is what is most convincing.

About Patrick

Born in 1988 in Berlin, Germany, Patrick developed a sense of nature early on in his life. Through spending his summers in his grandfather’s garden, Patrick knew he wanted to work with nature. While always being a creative thinker, it only made sense then to start an apprenticeship as a vintner. At age 16 Patrick moved to the Mosel region to begin his winemaking career at Dr. Loosen in Bernkastel. During his eight years there Patrick was driven to continually perfect his viticultural and winemaking skills.

About Sumi

Sumi was born in 1986 in Frankfurt, Germany, to a German father and Japanese mother. After graduating with a degree in Business Administration and travelling the world, Sumi decided to pursue her passion for wine and make it a career choice. Her winemaking career also started as an apprentice at Dr. Loosen.

In the summer of 2011 Patrick and Sumi took on their new responsibilities at Villa Wolf in Wachenheim.