"Great wines are created in the vineyard."

Winemaking Team

Villa Wolf’s winemaking team: Sumi Gebauer and Patrick Möllendorf.

Our wine philosophy is based on the belief that great wines are created in the vineyard. We work closely with nature, using sustainable practices that permit the vines to grow in a balanced environment. Thus, our focus in the last years has been to nurture biodiversity in all our vineyards, providing a healthy and diverse microbiology in the soil. This is important to us as we want our wines to express the character of the grape and the soil in which it is grown.

We extend this idea into the cellar as we focus on gentle handling of the wine throughout the entire winemaking process. This enables us to retain the clean, fresh fruit that represents the Villa Wolf wines. We are committed to traditional vinification methods, such as fermentation and aging in large, neutral oak casks, and spontaneous fermentation with natural yeasts. In addition, we are experimenting with new ideas, such as acacia wood barrels for some of our white varieties.

With sustainable viticulture, minimal processing and our constant pursuit of improvement, we hope to capture the purity and special characteristics of the region, vineyard and grape variety in each of our wines.