At Villa Wolf, our focus is on classic wines from the traditional grape varieties of the Pfalz region. There are several factors that make the region and the wines so special.

The Warm, Dry Regional Climate

The Pfalz region has one of the warmest and driest climates in all of Germany. This allows us to harvest fully ripe, healthy fruit in nearly every vintage. From this beautifully clean, ripe fruit, we can produce wines with a pure expression of the grape variety and the regional terroir.

Classified Vineyards

An unofficial, three-tier Burgundy-style classification of the vineyards is used at Villa Wolf. This classification, based on an 1828 property tax assessment done by the Bavarian government, identifies three levels of vineyard quality: First Growth (equivalent to Grand Cru), Second Growth (Premier Cru) and Village vineyards.

The first-growth vineyard at Villa Wolf is Pechstein, in the neighboring village of Forst. For centuries, Pechstein has been regarded as one of the finest vineyards in the Pfalz, producing elegant, mineral-driven wines.

Our most distinctive Second Growth vineyard is Wachenheimer Belz, which is adjacent to the estate villa in Wachenheim, and is wholly owned by Villa Wolf. This site is unique because of a high proportion of limestone in the soil.

The estate also owns vines in two other Second Growth vineyards: Wachenheimer Goldbächel and Wachenheimer Königswingert. Currently, the fruit from these vineyards is used in the Wachenheimer “Village“ bottling.


Healthy Vineyards, Healthy Fruit

Our estate vineyards are farmed sustainably, using organic practices to foster healthier soil and greater biodiversity. It is a viticultural approach that respects the natural environment of the area, while improving the quality of our fruit.

blue barrels

Gentle Winemaking

To preserve the naturally high quality that we get from the vineyards, we emphasize gentle handling through traditional, minimalist winemaking techniques. Our goal is to produce wines that express a pure, authentic taste of the Pfalz.