New York Times’ Eric Asimov on Dry Rieslings



Kudos to New York Times wine writer Eric Asimov for his recent article ‘The Sweet Surprise of Dry Rieslings.”

Some of our favorite quotes from his article:

“This rare versatility, which permits riesling to beautifully express styles ranging from bone dry to captivatingly sweet, is another of riesling’s singular characteristics.”

“Riesling prospers when grown meticulously in the right places and vinified with painstaking care in small lots. Often, the right places include devastatingly steep slopes, as in the Ürziger Würzgarten vineyard along the Mosel, which cannot be farmed by machine.”

“A combination of strength and delicacy, finesse and elegance…sets dry rieslings from Germany apart from those of other countries.” 

Ready to explore (or expand your collection of) dry Riesling? 

We offer dry (trocken) Rieslings under our Dr. Loosen and Villa Wolf labels, and, via our importer Loosen Bros, USA, we also offer them from wineries Robert Weil, Fritz Haag and Maximin Grünhaus.

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